Who or What Broke My Kids?


I am Desperate

I am on a desperate search to find out who or what broke my students.  In fact I am so desperate that I stopped class today to ask them who broke them.  Was it their parents, a former teacher, society, our education system or me that took away their inquisitive nature and made math only about getting a right answer?  I have known this was a problem for a while but today was the last straw.  

A Probability Lesson Gone Wrong

It started out innocently enough working on the seventh grade Common Core standard 7.SP.C.5 about understanding that all probabilities occur between zero and one and differentiating between likely and unlikely events which I thought would be simple enough. After the introduction and class discussion we began partner work on this activity from the Georgia Common Core Resource Document (see page 9).  The basic premise of…

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I don’t know how I feel apart from utter shit and really wanting to cut myself again….I’ve been so good….2 months clean almost out the window….I’m such a fucking idiot. I eat too much and I’m fat, I’m stupid and ugly, I’m pathetic and stupid, I’m worthless and useless, I’m nothing. I should kill myself, honestly, I can’t help but think about it all the time. I can’t make anyone happy. I just cause pain and grief. Everyone would be better off without me. I’m sorry for ranting….

Demon of the Mist – Zabuza Momochi

He’s definitely one of my favourite characters :3

Daily Anime Art

Demon of the Mist Zabuza by Shibuz4Zabuza Momochi is awesome, from the moment we first him he was the enemy towards Naruto and the others. However when we learnt more about him we instantly knew that his past was the key to him as well as his moments with Haku. Zabuza’s story is very sad but still something that makes me happy that it happened due to the fact that it helped Naruto with who he is. 

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24th March 2014


Right, where to start? The Defiled was pure perfection! They are absolutely incredible live! Definitely a new favourite band 🙂 A personal recommendation would be to check out The Butcher Babies as well, they are so god damn good! Since it was on February 14th I’ll tell you about the rest of my Valentines Day. Well, I slept over my boyfriends for the first time. We didn’t get it till about….12? Either way we didn’t go to bed till 2 since we were watching films and eating food :3 Was pretty damn cute to be honest :3 Was weird having a proper valentines day since I’ve never had one before, he bought me the cutest card and an Of Mice & Men shirt! Was just perfect. Nothing else has happened much since then. School is a right pain in the ass, especially chemistry. That subject will be the death of me I swear. Apart from that, life is pretty good :3 I’m seeing Tonight Alive with friends from school so I can’t wait for that!!!

Update another time my lovelies!!

Love Evie xx